To upgrade your dinosaurs and weapons, you need items. To get these items, enemies have to be hunted.

Level 1Edit

All level 3 enemies in Dinoville drop Level 1 Artificial DNA, which is used to upgrade dinos up to level 5.

Level 5Edit

All level 5 enemies in Mokon woods drop Level 5 Toxin Cartridge, all level 5 enemies in Goldfields drop Level 5 Multi-Stage Electrolyte. Most upgrade-items can only be obtained from specific enemies (and their young versions);

-Brachiosaurus drops Level 5 Artificial DNA

-Brontops drops Level 5 Fabric Filter

-Centrosaurus drops Level 5 Injector Battery

-Coelophysis drops Level 5 Logic Component

-Entelodon drops Level 5 Antistatic Flask

-Parasaurolophus drops Level 5 Gas Dispenser

-Smilodon drops Level 5 Stabilization Agent

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